Process tools

The challenge

For the Tech and UX teams to work effectively, the company design and development processes should be well-defined and clear for everyone.

Process activities and methods have been defined through numerous workshops by the team members themselves and iterated on according to the team needs and requirements. This project describes the visualization of the processes in the form of accessible tools, not the methods used to determine them.

The tools

The outcomes of the team workshops have been documented in a graphical form of posters, cheat sheets and cards. They are distributed throughout the office so that every employee sees them numerous times a day. This helped to reduce misunderstandings and improve communication since the expectations are well-known and clear. We have formed good habits by revisiting the sheets frequently.

Image Description
Product process poster

One of the biggest challenges was synchronizing the operations between design, research, development and product management workstreams. The daily activities of the individual groups were not clear for the others, and the frames for cross-team communications were not obvious and often forgotten.

After the process have been established during a workshop, I have produced a big-size poster that is displayed at the daily-standup meeting area. It serves as a tool to showcase the stages of the process and indicate at what point the collaboration is crucial.

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UX cheatsheet

The company UX Process is composed of several phases consisting of multiple activities. I have prepared a UX cheat sheet that can be printed and used for each new assignment. Designers can decide which of the presented actions are relevant to the problem they are trying to solve and then follow the cheat sheet and mark them off as they proceed.

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Development process poster

The Tech Team release process can be challenging to understand for newcomers and people outside the team. Those posters are put on walls in the software development area of the office. The visible information reminds developers about the procedures on a daily basis and when in doubt, they can come back to them and verify the process.

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Problem-Solution cards

In order to highlight the importance of thinking in term of verifiable hypothesis, I have proposed using the cards that allow the designers to focus on solving actual user problems and set up metrics to prove the chosen solution addresses it well.