Data focus and experimentation

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Feedback loop

We all know the principles of iterating and validating our ideas. This project describes the initiatives taken to structurize the approach of making data-informed decisions and evangelizing UX metrics. The goal was to ground the idea of making strategic choices based on data and not a hunch - across the organization.

I wanted to create a habit of having hypothesis instead of ideas, expanding our toolkit with methods to quickly build and learn from possible solutions, verify if we are moving in the correct direction.


What problem are 
we solving?

Each team is working on solving well-defined user problems and understanding why they occur.


How do we know it 
is a real problem?

The occurrence of any problem has to be backed up by evidence, quantitive or qualitative.


How do verify that we solved it?

Each problem should be paired with a metric that will allow the team to evaluate when it was solved.

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UX Thermometers

One of the most fun initiatives was building UX thermometers. They showcase the current user satisfaction between our platforms. We update it monthly, engaging the whole organization into this activity.

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User Comments slideshow

A slide deck that aggregates and highlights user comments from a given month to promote user-centered approach across the organization and to inform a variety of decision-makers about occurring user problems. The comments are gathered from several sources like NPS surveys, Customer Service tickets and user testing sessions.

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UX Newsletter

Monthly newsletters present the latest UX development, familiarize the users with the user-centered process and showcases the metrics that have been used to identify and address a user problem.