Sceptic's Annotated Bible redesign

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Original page

The design of the original page is very crowded and chaotic, it has confusing navigation and no visual hierarchy. The page isn't responsive. The style is outdated and not look reliable nor professional.

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I have gathered inspiration from the heavily text-oriented sited like Google Docs or Wikipedia. I have also taken into a consideration the look of a physical Bible and compared it to scientific articles.

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Desktop redesign

The new page has a clean and modern look. Its main content is the text of The Bible, with the questionable verses highlighted. Users can sort by the chapter or filter by the topic. The author's comments appear only on hover, what gives the reader an ability to judge the verses on his own first.

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Mobile version

Much more condensed mobile version focuses primarily on showing the text of the Bible. When the user taps on a particular verse he can read the author's comments and then go back to a basic reading view. By swiping left and right user can navigate between comments. Changing the chapter or filtering by topic is possible from the top navigation.