Car buying journey


Enhance the car buyer journey experience, improve the performance of the car vertical. .

User problem

As a user, I do not feel confident when making a decision about a car purchase. I don’t know what kind of car would be a smart choice for my needs, I have trouble comparing the options. I don’t have time and interest to spend much time searching for a car.

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Example persona and a User Journey

To better understand user problems I created a set of personas based on available research findings and interviews conducted with people who have purchased a car recently.

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Couple of tested ideas and selected comments

In the first couple of iterations, we have been working on diverse prototypes and evaluating them during several user testing sessions.

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Later iteration

A later iteration consists of a front page with a modern minimalistic look. Predictive search assists the users to obtain meaningful search results. Filtering options can be adjusted to users preferences from basic to advanced.