Habit-building calendar

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Forming small habits can make a huge difference. I started thinking how I could do a better job of keeping myself accountable to my goals.

Numerous TO DO apps and lists were too difficult to manage, my plan was to create a physical motivation tool that would be serving as a visual cue to keep up with my goals daily.

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In action

The solution is based upon a motivation technique "Don't break the chain" proposed by Jerry Seinfeld. For each day that user does accomplish his goal, he gets to put an X over that day. The satisfaction of crossing something off your to-do list and seeing an unbroken chain serves as a motivation to go forward and building a habit.

I have iterated on this technique and adapted it to my needs by putting all the small daily actions that I have decided I would like to complete daily, split into 3 sections: healthy diet, physical activity, and self-improvement.

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Other editions

The digital version is easily customizable, it is easy to switch from month to month. With minimal effort, it was also possible to create a custom version of the calendars, for example for my colleagues participating in a Vegan January challenge. It made it easier for them to carefully follow if they consume all the necessary nutrients daily.